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Safety Equipment


Seniors are particularly prone to falls and other minor accidents in the home. Declining eyesight, reduced muscle tone, reduced sensitivity in the feet and legs, tripping and slipping, blood pressure instability and other related factors can cause accidents and potentially put seniors in danger.

Therefore, it is highly advisable that you reassess your loved one’s physical capabilities and vulnerabilities on a regular basis and consider investing in some useful products that will help them have an easier time with daily tasks. Grab bars in the bath, bed rails, stability poles and reach extenders are just of the many devices that are available to the senior market to increase their independence and safety. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you and your loved ones investigate the many options now offered to provide improved home security and personal monitoring. Medic alert devices, 24 hour security with a two way voice activated digital monitor and outdoor motion sensors are main priorities if your loved one lives by themselves, rather than in a communal building or in an assisted living facility.

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