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Rehabilitation Programs


Rehabilitation hospitals provide care for stabilized patients who still need to be attended to on an inpatient basis in order to more fully recover and become strong enough to go home or to another level of supervised living such as a nursing home or assisted living facility. Typically, the patient is seen by a physician, specially trained in the area of physical rehabilitation, called a Physiatrist. Their progress is overseen round the clock by a 24 hour nursing team and patients generally participate in physical, occupational and/or speech therapy programs. Your loved one may do their rehab regimens in their rooms or in a rehabilitation gym, depending on the program. The most common diagnoses for patients at a rehabilitation hospital are stroke, pulmonary, orthopedic, cardiac and functional declining conditions.

The main focus of inpatient rehabilitation programs is to help the individual regain their independence to its highest potential. A case manager is assigned to each patient who also generally serves as the family liaison who serves as the communication point person regarding patient progress and who also assists with discharge planning. They can also help you to better understand your loved one’s condition and point you in the right direction to find additional resources that your loved one may need.

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