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Types of Physicians


Audiologist – Addresses problems with hearing

Allergist – Specializes in helping patients with allergies

Anesthesiologist – Administers anesthesia and monitors such during surgeries

Cardiologist – Specializes in heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular Surgeon – Surgical and invasive techniques dealing with cardiovascular diseases

Dermatologist – Treats ailments related to the skin, hair and nails

Endocrinologist – Addresses thyroid, hormone and endocrine system issues

Epidemiologist – Specializes in epidemic illnesses which are highly viral

ENT Specialist – Treats problems with the ear, nose and throat

Family Practitioner – General physician treating illnesses and medical issues of all sorts, all ages & medical non-emergency conditions. If the condition is serious they will refer to a specialist relevant to the field of the illness

Gastroenterologist – Treats illnesses related to digestive system including gastritis and acid reflux

Immunologist – Responsible for the immune system and treats related diseases

Infectious Disease Specialist – Studies and treats diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Also identifies outbreaks of epidemics and pandemic situations

Internal Medicine Specialists – Diagnoses unusual illnesses and helps manage them with nonsurgical treatment

Internist – Typically focuses on adults with special expertise in prevention and treatment of adult diseases

Nephrologist – Treats kidney diseases and renal problems

Neurologist – Focuses on brain disorders, including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease

Oncologist – Diagnoses and treats cancer patients with drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgical interventions

Ophthalmologist – Specializes in eye problems, eye defects, blindness and performs many types of eye surgeries

Orthopedic Surgeon – Helps patients suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone related illnesses including broken bones

Orthopedist – Treats broken bones from falls or osteoporosis

Physiologists –  A doctor who specializes in physiology and helps rehabilitate patients

Physiatrist – Helps with the rehabilitation of the body and muscles

Plastic Surgeon – Transplants skin, muscles or changes the structure of a face or other body parts for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes

Podiatrist – Specialist who treats disorders of the foot and ankle

Psychiatrist –  Focuses on mental illnesses  and will diagnose and counsel and treat mental illnesses such as Bipolar, dementia, depression and Alzheimer’s

Pulmonologist –  Diagnoses and treats lung conditions and manages critical care patients in the ICU with ventilator support

Radiologist – Specializes in use of X-rays or other imaging technologies in order to diagnose various issues and illnesses

Rheumatologist – Addresses autoimmune disorders and allergic conditions

Surgeon –  A  doctor that specializes in surgical operations

Urologist – Specializes in  urinary tract problems, incontinence, prostate and male reproductive system issues



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